Hi! I am Federica.

Communication Specialist, Artist... and then?

Beyond roles and job titles, there're people.

Who am I? Probably one entire life won't be enough to give an answer to this question, so I'm gonna replace it with an easier one: "what do I like?"I do believe that what we like and enjoy in life, the interests we coultivate, are extremely important, when we've to look for people to work with. Consciously or not, we always chose people and situations that most resonate with us.So, better to share with you a bit of what fulfill my life: just enough to make you curious, and hopefully make a connection for a collaboration.My vision about life is quiet old fashion, so I always hope to meet people in person, at some point.

Come on this Earth in 1988, on a sunny 31st of October, (almost) in the night of the Witches. I might believe that here is the origin of my believe about my super powers. poteri Super powers that all of us have, indeed, but that we usually are not aware of. I do believe that we - as human beings - with our unique powers, we all have one that unites us all: it's Love, with its Universal meaning.All the super power we have is right there, within Love, towards oursleves and towards others,the love we put in our actions, in what we do.It's just a matter of making - trying to make - our Mind silent, moving our awareness deeply inside, so that our Heart can clearly tell what is already within us, allowing us to make the reality outside a beautiful manifestation of what we have within. And then? Than the magic starts.

We are all one.

I study, practice and share Yoga and Meditation (my hyper-active mind is extremely grateful). I often practice in the naturepreferably in a forest or close to a river, with my skin in contact with the Earth, to feel deeply connected with the nature and its energy, that dwells in us. This is how I recharge myself, how I get inspired,but first and foremost I learn: because Nature, if we listen to it with awareness, if we learn and respect its needs and limits, it is the most valuable Teacher. As we are - as living beings - an ecosystem, we can learn from it how to live in harmony.

I do my best to live slowly and gently slow - respecting my nature and the one of the Earth. Try to be as much minimalist, reducing the unnecessary, so inside so outside. Backpaking has been a great school about this.

I am attracted by the relationship among mind, body and soul,from the way everything is inter-connected, outside and inside us. For this reason, in addition to Traditional Yoga and Meditation I am interested in other disciplines, like Neuroscience, Transpersonal Psychology, Bio-Energetic and natural/ alternative therapies.I am also interested in Phylosophy and Emotional Intelligence, being fascinated from what all these different disciplins and knowledges have in common, even when there seems to be a contraddiction.

Courious Mind, open Hearth.

Yes, kindness is my language. I strongly believe in the power of smiles and kind little actions, those we do without expectations, those that make a mark, precisely because they are simple and genuine.

Irony and self-irony are deeply in my DNA: vitals.

Talking about self-irony, I usually create comics about my (dis)adventures.

I love Arts and making art. My hands and my mindare meant for creating: it's a urge that my Soul has, it's a gift, a way I use to free my emotions, to share with others. It's the language of my Soul.

Walking towards a destination that still in progress.

I love mountains, approaching to it gently, climbing or hiking a peak, for a day or backpacking for longer time. I also do love cycling, quiet a lot.

The slow travelis the one that resonates the most with me. On my own, with my backpack, a book and my notebook to draw: this is what makes me happy. Well, and food, of course.

I don't feel like being grounded in a specific place, and to close myself within any definition (why do we use Job Titles? Why?), as I feel like every day I am learning and searching something new, looking for stories, cultures, faces, lands, for the unknown, without being afraid of I don't know, or what I don't know yet how to do. This is also why I decided to work as a Freelance..

For Astrology lovers: I am Scorpio with my ascend in Pisces and Moon in Cancer. So, lots and lots of water, and - easy talking - lots of empathy, sensitivity and creativity, plus, the never-ending need to explore and move, so outside so inside.

“It is only courage on the path itself that makes the path appear”.

— P. Coelho