Conscious Communication and Mindful Marketing

I am Federica Laino, and I offer Consultancy, Strategy and Content Curation to help realities and human beings with virtuous projects to create harmony between their inner vision and the outside perception.

My values.

Consciousness, Emphatic Listening, Compassion, Semplicity, Harmony.

In my life, these are the values that mainly guide me, and that – supported by a systemic vision – have also become the milestone of my approach in business. Why? Because today, more and more people who are looking for a product or a service to buy, or for a project to support, are looking for (meaningful) connections, empathic listening, trust, authenticity, toghether with the wish to have a positive impact in the world, in their inner one as well as the one they live in.

Humans are craving for humanity, and kindness, I’d say.

This is why, today – no matter the mission – businesses are invited to position on the market with a renovated intimate consciousness

What I can do for you.

Strategic - Creative Consultancy

Communication, Visual, Acquisition, Fundraising.

coordination -supervision

Of teams and multi-channel communication projects.


Communication. Brand and Visual Identity. Customer Journey, User Experience (UX).


Editorial plans/ calendars. 
Content architecture for websites. Communication campaigns.


Editorial plans and contents: copy and micro-copy, SEO and UX oriented. Communication Concepts.


Communication, Brand and Digital Strategy.

Thanks to the collaboration with a network of mindful and trust-worthy professionals around the World, the door is also open to welcome complex projects.

Since 10 years I work in the Communication and Digital Marketing field, where I collaborated with many realities, profit and no-profit, in Italy as well as abroad (like Ireland, US, Asia), having the chance to deepen different aspects of Communication, Marketing and Fundraising

On the side, I have always run personal projects –  mainly in the Arts, Educational and Well-being industries – carrying out studies, independent researches in the fields of Holistic and Contemplative disciplines and the Biology of Kindness, having the fortune to study directly with Masters in Asia as well as with accreditated Schools internationally recognized. While working full-time, I always found the way to invest on my personal and spiritual growth and service to the community.

I believe the World needs happy and conscious human beings, who can express and share their full potential and essence with others. This is why what I do is an alchemy of the knowledges and experiences coming from different fields.

I worked for

My main areas of interest and expertise:

Holistic and Natural Well-Being, Mental Health, Psychology and Emotional Intelligence, Psychosomatic, Personal Growth, Contemplative Studies and Neuroscience, Educational Equity.

Good causes, in general, as I love supporting worthy projects aiming to
positively impact the world.

About me.

I am Federica, a Human Being approaching with curiosity the journey that her Soul has decided to walk through in this Life.

I love traveling between worlds, connections with people and worthy realities, learning and unlearning, experiencing, exploring, constructing-deconstructing-constructing, establishing a dialogue between the analitical mind and intuition, guided and fascinated by the beauty, the complexity and the mistery that Life has gifted all us with. 

I approach life with a smile and always with open-heartedKindness is my language (about the inner one, still working on it. That’s the toughest one, right?). Art is the way my Unsconsious prefers to express. The search for the harmony, the essence and semplicity, are the values that guide my thoughts, words and actions.

Silence, slowness, presence, listening and contact with the nature, the tools I use to live with autenticity. And it’s from the Nature, from observing it – together with our inner state – that I mainly get inspired while receiving the greatest teachings.


Reach me out.

 For collaborations, quotations, to make human connections or to know in which part of the World I am:

(+39) 331 4932745

“We don’t just fit into one box.
After all, that’s how it is to be human.
We all contains moltitudes.”

Yes, apparently I am one of those multi-potentials.

I do Illustrations.
Mainly for Editorial Projects and Merchandising.

I share Seeds Of Kindness through my e-commerce.

I offer Meditation, Yoga and other practices for self-compassion and well-being.

Find me here: | (+39) 331 4932745
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I can be in a forest in the Himalayas, or in some little city in Europe. What’s sure, it’s that I’ll always be close enough to the Nature.